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Our Stories.

Know thy car!!

Wetin you no sabi big pass you, Hold on, let me tell you my story. I can remember vividly that glorious day. It was a Sunday and I was enjoying my Sunday rice and stew with a brutally cold 35cl bottle of coke. The day was looking drab until my neighbor hurriedly...

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I Think Am Mad

A wise man once said that there is a whiff of creativity in us all. Another postulated that there is good in us all.  Me, I’m saying that there is madness in everybody and if care is not taken we go “off clothe waka for market ”.  Let narrate my ordeal Lagos...

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Tips for driving through flooded roads

Driving through flooded is an unhealthy practice for cars,  except your car was mechanically prepared for such driving condition by the manufacturers or tuning companies, it's always advised you don't flood your car.   At times you may be forced to drive through a...

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The Bad Sides Of Redlining Your Car

If you're good with cars, you'll know redlining is never nice on your engine, never! When you redline your engine, you're putting excessive stress on the engine which is definitely not a good thing to do. You can easily know when you're redlining your car when your...

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Danfo Journals Part 2

For a while, I haven't been in the Danfo scene. Not because my level has changed significantly, but because I've been lucky to always get dropped-off close to work. However, all these changed one unfortunate day that I woke up late. My people, this is why I must do...

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Of my own Accord

Did Jesus drive an Accord? scientifically, its impossible but we aren't talking science here. This is a real Naija review of the second most popular car brand in Nigeria and the eighth largest car-maker in the world. Honda, the Accord to be precise. Grab some popcorn,...

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