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Welcome to luxury, speed and handling, welcome to the world of Mercedes Benz CLK marquee.  I managed to get my hands on one a while back, this is one of the many privileges of having a large extended family, yep, you get to drive a lot of cars especially if you are a  responsible dude.
When I looked at the car, I said to myself, this car is low, I mean ground low, as a really tall guy I’m used to towering above people, sort of like a Benevolent giant, all these changed when I drove  the CLK 320.
For a coupe with a V6, standard Rwd, you get a lot of ideas, when handling the CLK, you feel invincible.
The CLK 320 coupe come with an SOHC (for meaning check here) 3.2 litre, V6 engine, mated with a 5 speed automatic transmission, the car packs a whooping (well its 15 years old) 215hp with a pull of 229 lb/feet of torque, be rest assured that all the Danfo drivers and most other boring motorist have nothing on you, but please respect yourself and leave that porshe panerama alone ( its not as is you will catch that broda).
As usual Benz wows us with the handling and like we Nigerians love the say, the car is very ‘balanced’.

The interior of the CLK 320 is like other Mercedes-Benz automobiles in terms of its firm seats, luxury features and solid instrumentation. The interior of all models is nicely designed and finished using high-quality material, when I say high-quality, Imagine leather, soft but firm leather and cool bucket seats. The seat positioning system provides a plethora to chose, I chose to recline like a boss, the instrument cluster is pretty good for its generation with a small monitor and some buttons to take you back to your sitting room, feel free to explore, I’m cool with my cool fm.

Experience on Nigeria roads
The suspension and shock absorbers are pretty sturdy, good for cornering at high speeds, the steering is not to light and not to heavy, just perfect.The fuel consumption on 3rd mainland bridge hold-up is not like your toyota corrolla, it’s not what i’d call a gas guzzler but its not highly economical either.
The car can manage a small bump or a shallow pot-hole, but please avoid craters by all means and drive this car as much as possible, it loves to be driven.
It proves to be a really nice drive and guess what its bloody cheap (tokunbo sha). Our uncles at Diamler AG have us given the Benz we dreamed of and now we don’t want to go back sleep. Zooms of in my blood red CLK-320.