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Did Jesus drive an Accord? scientifically, its impossible but we aren’t talking science here. This is a real Naija review of the second most popular car brand in Nigeria and the eighth largest car-maker in the world. Honda, the Accord to be precise. Grab some popcorn, as we review the 2010 Honda Accord .

Firstly, that I managed to drive this car long enough to review it, is a testament to my ingenuity, I’ll share in another story.


After the near-perfection of the 2003- 2007 Accord, the Honda brand needed something new to show the world that they weren’t resting on their oars. Something sexy yet aggressive, comfortable yet sporty, something different. Honda being who they are, did all their boring research and came up with two different, broadly speaking one for the American and another for the Japenese markets. The American model is bigger, maybe because Americans love big things. The model I was opportune to review was the four-door American model.


The Honda Accord 2010 Model I review was a four-cylinder engine. It has a 177HP, for an average Nigerian that is enough power to get you going hard. The fuel consumption of the car was really good at 22MPG.  What this means is that if my car is serviced properly and in good working condition, I could fill my tank at Lagos and drive to PH, AC blasting with having to stop and refuel. But let’s not be unfortunate, Ore go slow will ruin your life, and we Nigerians are known Leadfoot, referring our countries poor implementation of road laws or the total lack. Trips to the mechanic with this car are mostly for routine engine oil changes, general servicing and what not. However, if you ever have an issue with the Timing Chain, my dear friend, the best advice I can give is for you to look for a professional Auto workshop that specializes in Honda and pay them whatever they demand, if not you, my friend will be without a car for a long time. The engine is durable enough, not prone to problems and in this regards, I opine Honda did well.


Earlier in this review, I stated that American like big things. Well, as a matter of fact, I do too. I’m really tall, 6’4″. So, most times, I struggle to get into sedans and coupè. With this Honda, it was a glorious experience.  The I fit perfectly well, without inconveniencing any passenger. The seats were really comfy, not to mention the ample head-space. The finish of the interior is stylish, not an elegant as a Benz, but definitely an upgrade from the Toyota Camry. The Airconditioning was freezing and in the EX-trims, you get heated seats. All in all, it has a nice and comfy interior, no wow effect, but a step out of the mundane.


In this regards, this baby can hold its own. She ticks all the right boxes. Aux connection, Bluetooth, FM, CD, 6 Speaker 160-watt sound system, a real improvement from the drudgery of all her classmates. My first interstate trip was made in this baby, but because I was with my parents, I was stuck listening to ibo gospel.  Conversely, my next interstate trip was all me, nothing is better than cruising on a freeway listening to slippery by Migos.

A really mean looking baby

Honda Accord exterior

One word: Aggressive. The headlights, grille, fender, bumper, and body of the car are perfectly chiseled. Carefully sculpted lines, daring, unrestrained, wild. Something different from Honda, the car will get you noticed and will leave everyone guessing the price. I’m a big fan of the exterior having grown bored of the soft-lines and boring finishes other Jap mobiles.


I learned to drive with a nameless car. Mastered the art with a civic, migrated to Benz 😎 . So, I’ve been around the block. However, driving this car was a beautiful experience. The handling was unparalleled, sharp bends were dog fodder. Parking was a babe. It was just to drive, the shifting was effortless, overtaking was very sweer because the car had ample HP. Driving this awoke an inner beast in me, something hidden in the shadows, just waiting to get out. Something that Toyota had almost killed. Even though it wasn’t a Benz, it is a worthy mention and it deserves all the accolades it can get.


It’s a Honda and like all cars before (except maybe the Rolls Royce) it has its unique flaws. The first and most important is the recurrent Axle failure. Mine hasn’t broken, at least not yet. But this is a serious problem that plagues numerous Honda users. Other than this pertinent issue, all other faults are avoidable with preventive maintenance.


All in All, this is a good car, tick all the right boxes. A balance between luxury, utility, and affordability. Durable enough for our Nigeria roads and flashy enough for Owambe waka. It’s a wonderful car to own and drive, it won’t send you packing to the village, neither will you spend the rest of your life in the Auto workshop. Finally, I declare this car worthy of the Nigeria society.