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If you’re good with cars, you’ll know redlining is never nice on your engine, never!

When you redline your engine, you’re putting excessive stress on the engine which is definitely not a good thing to do. You can easily know when you’re redlining your car when your engine starting screaming like Nigerian baby looking for her mother, or you can use the tachometer.  😐

A tachometer shows the rotation speed of the engine crankshaft and it is measured in Revolution per Minute (RPM).

When driving and the needle of the gauge reach the Red Zone, it means that the engine is spinning at an abnormally high velocity which can cause complications to your vehicle. The best thing to do is to move to a higher gear. Assuming you’re on the 3rd gear and the needle starts creeping into the redline zone, just shift to the 4th gear.

If your car is not a performance car and you continuously subject your engine to redlining, be informed that these are the implications.

Redlining your car can cause:

  • Overheating of the engine
  • Inadequate lubrication in the engine compartment
  • Excessive wear on the engine
  • Excessive fuel consumption

Three out of the four points mentioned above aid in shortening the lifespan of your engine which you don’t want.

If you must push your car to such limit; be sure you know what you’re doing and your car can withstand the implications.

Some cars you never redline with are; Any Toyota, Honda,  or South Korean vehicle. Any Mitsubishi that’s not an Evo, any Nissan that’s not a Nismo or any car that isn’t built specifically for Performance.

Drive safe and be safe out there.