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The handling of a car has a lot to contribute to the driveability of a car. A car that handles well feels good to drive and the one with poor handling is a nightmare ( Yes, all your Toyota’s are crap)

Generally, German cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW give better handling than the Japs. You’ll feel lot more comfortable cornering a Mercedes Benz S63 AMG at a high speed than cornering a Toyota Camry at the same speed- Actually you can’t corner that Toy at high speeds.  But, this is just for emphasis; it doesn’t mean all the Japs have poor handling, even though most do.

Handling is a very salient factor when it comes to speeding, control and cornering. Driving a car with a very poor handling will make you easily lose control of the car.

So, what are these factors that affect the way your car swerve and move (handling) especially at high speeds?

Below are the factors that tell how good a car will handle.

1. The Suspension system of your car:

The suspension system of your car plays a vital role when it comes to handling. The main function of the suspension system is to keep the tires in contact with the ground at all times. It’s the suspension system that ensures your tires makes good contact with the road even after going through a bump.

When there are arising technical issues with your suspension, the handling of your car will be seriously compromised (I know this because, my cars “shocks” are gone)

2. Tires fitted in your car:

No matter what you drive, the tire is the only part of your car that makes direct contact with the ground. It bears the weight of everything inside the car. Having the wrong tires in your car will also affect handling. Using tires that are bigger or smaller than the recommended tire size is a problem to handling.

In case you’re a petrol head and you’re seriously after the handling of your car, just go for high-performance tires. They will contribute much to attaining the peak handling of that particular car.
car tyres

3. Bad Shock absorbers:

Even though we listed this as a separate entity, it’s still part of the suspension system of your car. Bad shock absorbers will end up making your ride very uncomfortable and irritating. You feel every bump and pot-hole road inside the car. Shock absorbers dampen the shocks that come from your driving terrain. They are installed between the frame and the tires of your car to absorb vibrations coming from the road.
shock absorber

4. Weather condition when driving:

The ride quality you get on dry road isn’t the same as what you get on wet road. Weather condition plays a vital role in handling. Driving under the rain will surely affect the handling of your car especially older cars with no traction control feature.
Good weather gives better handling than driving under the rain or driving when it’s snowing.
rain driving

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