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Driving through flooded is an unhealthy practice for cars,  except your car was mechanically prepared for such driving condition by the manufacturers or tuning companies, it’s always advised you don’t flood your car.


At times you may be forced to drive through a flooded road because of absence alternative routes, or whatever reason. But if after all considerations and available options,  you must “swim” through the flood, ensure you adopt these tips

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Below are the 6 tips of driving through flooded roads:


  1. Turn off your car air conditioner and use the natural ventilation from the windows. You can read about the need to use natural ventilation here.


  1. Do not speed, repeat, do not speed. Speeding through the flood might make you lose traction and control. You may even as well hit an obstruction or drive through a pot-hole that might damage your car because flooded roads reduce visibility.


  1. Slow and deliberate driving is considered, best when driving through the floods. Avoid any attempt to rev the engine.


  1. After driving through the flood, take it easy on the gas pedal.  Be patient with the car. Our reason is due to the reduction in braking efficiency by a plethora of factors. Don’t speed off immediately, give it time.


  1. Don’t use your horn and air-conditioner immediately; give them a little time to dry so that they don’t get damaged. Electrical and electronic circuits are enemies of water. They don’t go together.


  1. If you must go through the flood repeatedly consider flushing your radiator periodically.


Hope you find this post helpful some day.