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Apparently, the fastest way to get a Benz is by doing more 4,000 push-ups in the space of 2 hours, and this kid did just that.5-year-old boy gifted benz

Personally, I can’t go over 50 without my biceps shaking like my grand-dads beetle. Don’t even laugh because you’re probably in this category too. The 5-year-old boy did what most able-bodied men can’t.

The name of the little boy is Rakhim Kurayev. He did 4105  press-ups, non-stop in the space of 2 hours 25 minutes. Wow!!! give this kid a cookie, no, give this kid a Benz.

He dedicated the feat to Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s republic of Chechnya.

He was gifted the N13 million (£28,000) Mercedes Benz by Ramzan Kadyrov, a close lieutenant of Vladimir Putin. He handed over the keys to the luxury car to the young lad as a reward for his 2 hours 25 minutes press-up achievement.

The 5-year-old boy is still in Kindergarten. He’s set to repeat the exercise in a world record attempt.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t beat up his classmates in school; none of them can mess with him. He’ll just put you in the right place.

5-year-old boy gifted benz 5-year-old boy gifted benz