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I’m a frequent traveler, both by road and air (water was carefully omitted). I’ve been to more than 16 states in Nigeria and I’ve learned a lot about the excesses of our stomach. Sit back as I share the traveler’s food guide.

Eating time

Traveling by air is forgiving, they have OK toilets in all airplanes. Road traveling, on the other hand, is not so forgiving.  So,  its best you follow these guidelines;

Try to eat before 6:00 pm on the day before you travel. Eating by this time will enable bowel movements long before the trip. At least, you might travel hungry, but you’ll definitely be safe.

Avoid new or experimental foods before or during the trip. No one wants to be the one always stopping the driver,  to go answer the call of nature.

Avoid patronizing restaurants during the trip.  Expectedly, this last tip is a bit controversial. You don’t know the hygiene conditions the food was cooked in. Also, you don’t know if they put any ingredient that doesn’t agree with your stomach. Processed foods,  snacks and fruits are the necessary evils for journeys.

What to eat

Now, fruits are healthy, but for a trip, you might want to tone down a bit. Avoid fruits that are fiber-rich, fruits like Orange, mango, pineapple can put you in trouble. Nice alternatives are nuts, banana, or apples.

Cooked meals like soup, pasta, noodles, rice and beans should be at the top of the  red list.  Roasted foods provide an apt replacement, foods like bole are most suitable.

I’m a strong advocate for healthy eating, but when traveling, healthy eating is should be the last thing on your mind. Gala and lacasera is the MVP of all road trips.  You just can’t go wrong with gala and lacasera or puff-puff . Other strong contenders like chin-chin,  plantain chips, coconut chips deserve notable mentions.

In case of trouble

In case you skipped all this golden advice and went straight to a bowl of eba with egusi, and now you feel your innards revolting, try the following;

Beg the driver to stop. Most times when the body senses contaminated food, its first line of action is excretion.  So, yes, it is safe to shit it out.

Subsequently, drugs like septrin, flagyl, and tetracycline prove vital to save a traveler.  Purchasing them before a trip is perfect for preventive and curative measures. For running stomach, if the drugs aren’t available, chewing Garri can stop bowel movement for a considerable amount of time.

Personal Experience

Life has been fair to me; except when I travel. The last nasty travel experience I had, was quite recent by the way. Earlier this year, in January, to be precise. I was on my way to Osogbo for some NYSC waka. The day before I traveled I had taken bae to celebrate the first Sunday 2018. Long story short, my village people put me on flight mode and I was stupid enough to eat pizza, useless pizza. My stomach does not agree with cheese of any kind and the following day, on my way to Osogbo  🙁  . Let just say I stopped the bus so many times that they dropped me of at Ibadan to solve my condition.