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OBD II Codes

OBD II code stands for “on-board diagnostics II” codes. In layman terms, it is the ability of a vehicle to diagnose itself and report the errors through DTCs ( diagnostics trouble codes). The OBD II actually came out in 1996, so it is pretty much standard in whatever your are driving now, except you’re into antiques.

What this entails is that our cars can tell us when they are experiencing problem and where to look for the problems. This is just like having a baby that can talk to you via a computer , it tells you when you need to change its diaper and when its feeling under the weather.

In Naija today, the OBD II code is  God-sent and its increasing in popularity. We have suffered too much in the hands of all these ‘oga no worry’ mechanics and now we can strike back and save our cars from premature death.

OBD II codes are read through scanners, which are broadly divided into the affordable OBD II code readers and the much more expensive  OBD II scan tools, but do not be discouraged they both output the same codes.

To those who have the  code reader you can interpret your DTC here