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Our Stories.

Danfo Journals Part 1

I stay at Lekki. Not because I’m a big boy, far from it. I stay at Lekki because I crave the finer things in life. You know, those things that make you wake up with a smile on your face. Chauffeurs, housekeepers, dry cleaners, 24 hours light and what not. But before I...

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My Journey of a thousand miles.

On the 17th of November 2017, I was posted by the NYSC to Adamawa state for a mandatory three weeks orientation camp. Adamawa- northeast Adamawa, the same one that shares a border with Cameroon. Adamawa that is 1327km from Lagos. Adamawa that is rumoured to be a boko-...

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A traveler’s food guide

I'm a frequent traveler, both by road and air (water was carefully omitted). I've been to more than 16 states in Nigeria and I've learned a lot about the excesses of our stomach. Sit back as I share the traveler's food guide. Eating time Traveling by air is forgiving,...

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No limit

Last month, when I was driving from Owerri to Onitsha in a 2010 honda accord, I was cruising at a moderate 120km/h. I had been made to believe that was the maximum speed limit on the highway. Or was I mistaken? Vroom!!!, resonated in my ears and  I saw a convoy of...

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Driving in Lagos, Nigeria (2)

I have money, so I have a driver. When driving in Lagos, whether you own a Rolls Royce phantom or a 2003 Toyota Corolla (bank car), once you have a driver, it's safe to say you've landed. Either you sit in the owner's corner or "shotgun", it goes without saying that...

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